About Us

Transport company ”SIA JUVI", which has 27 years of experience in road freight transport, invites You for cooperation. Quality trucks, combined with an experienced collective of drivers, gives a chance to supply services on a professional level.


27 years of experience combined with experienced drivers

New trucks

50 Volvo trucks in perfect technical condition

Quality trailers

Half-trailers with tent covers, tonnage 24 t.; volume 92m3

High standard

Class standards Euro-4; Euro-5; Euro-6

Safe shipping

CMR insurance, as well as dangerous goods shipping licence(ADR)


Company collaborates with Carnet TIR since 1998

Work direction

Professional deliveries with guarantee of the work carried out

Shipping across Europe

We provide import, as well as export shipping to/from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus.

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We kindly invite you to start cooperating with Us

"Meldri", Rītausmas, Īslīces parish, Bauskas district, LV-3901

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Logistics specialists

Diāna Ioņina

+371 26536402

Signe Kapteine

+371 25730860

Ludmila Urbanoviča



+371 63927711
+371 27843574


Jurijs Brazjuļs

+371 26426200